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My heart tells me no. My head tells me no. But I don’t see any other solutions. My imagination is channeled by my existence’s condition. I’ve to be in alert. I have to evolve in this hostile jungle. Do the job and take my place in this world. Follow me. I’ll flee you ! Flee me. I’ll follow you ! Such is relationship between love and morality !

The heart has its reasons that reason knows not ! If I don’t take care despair could seize me ! I enter the dance stealthily, my will remains intact. I get up every day, write a chapter of my story, plan each step of my climb. Propose ragga, reggae music, meaning to the words. To transcend banalities for feelings’ introspection.

Music is simple, but the intentions are complex, and I move in total balance. With confident gestures, my signs only lie to you. You taste, want more and that’s good. Tomorrow is being built today. So follow me, I’ll flee you ! Flee me and I’ll charm you ! Turn around and kiss me, now you are mine.

One more step for Vini, great for humanity. Flood that flows from my music is humility. Take a deep breath, let the sound waves pierce you, that’s it. You sweat me now. And you forget everything you thought you knew.

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